Study: ShotSpotter technology led to over 40k dead-end CPD deployments in 21 months

A new study by Northwestern University said that Chicago police’s use of ShotSpotter technology generates no evidence of gunfire or a gun-related crime in the vast majority of deployments.


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  1. Chicago has the highest murder rate due to gun violence . These protesters need to leave our city ALONE! I love these cameras ! These criminals get away with too much , until they shoot your family member .

  2. Is called shot spotter not hey we know who did it spotter . I cant believe its so expensive other than that I'm confused before it was THERES SHOTS FIRED ALL THE TIME AND THE COPS NEVER COME . Now it's the cops are here everytime theres shots fired.

  3. No problems with it in my city. Maybe the problem is so many stupid people shooting guns and not sticking around for the police.
    Notice they say NOTHING about false alerts, its ONLY saying that nothing came of the alerts.
    Its NOT the police or the shotspotter system fault that most gun violence occurs in minority communities, it was STUPID to make a COMPUTER system seem racist like that.

  4. The shot spotters are cool I live here im from the hood but it dont stop shootings ive seen till where the camera spins around to try to catch the shooter on video but it just alerts officers that it's gunfire on a certian block or corner

  5. Well it worked it led cops to 21 year old shooter Ruben Romeo, and 13 year old Adam Toledo shooting off shots at an occupied car at 2:30AM. Why were they shooting at people? Why is Ruben out on bond, weirdo is hanging out with a 13 year old? Let’s get serious on crime!

  6. Thank God for the technology I live in Chicago I work in the projects I love it that they have that because if I ever get shot at least somebody hears it and comes for me instead of doing nothing 💯

  7. So its unnecessary for the police to respond to where a shooting has occured now simply because they mostly take place in a minority community? And how could there be so many shootings if the gun laws are so strict in Chicago? Oh that's right CRIMINALS dont follow the law.

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