GLOBALink | Malawi gov't hails China's Huawei for enhancing information technology

“China has generously given us fish and given us the tools and skills to fish.” The Malawi government says a project of Huawei to be implemented in Malawi will help enhance the country’s development goals. #GLOBALink


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  1. Extremely danger for him and his country .They are now in the the eye of western storm. Everything is going to be thrown at them , regime change, currency destabilization, Boca Haram, or equivalent, Activation of their sleeper NGO to start funding activist's It's going to be their long march through hell I hope they have the mental strength for that journey

  2. Western powers see Africa as a raw material base for their industries only. The African people as consumers to keep Western Farmers in business. Africans are designated only as a part of their survival chain. Take their raw materials pay them enough to beardly keep them alive only to purchase food from European farmers. Westerners primary concern is to constantly concoct ways of how have the Africans cull themselves, and stop them from industrializing.

  3. I hope china chose the people of Malawi well , the will be under tremendous pressure by the european powers to derail them, using ever dirty trick in the book. This is going to be your long march Malawi , it will not be easy, you people will be tested to their utmost endurance by you enemies, and their proxies. Fortunately you have a good mentor, who have walked that road before you.

  4. the west hv been the richest countries 4so many decades wht hv they truly done… by giving fish only is wholeheartly… no…. by providing all the tools of know how n creation…. n it seem china is doing alot 4 african nation…. the win win situation n dont project a different story when u were giving the help b4 u r in good shape… there r some forgetful mind after when they r in good time they forget the time of bad time b4…. they tend 2say china steal their geo…. it not nice 2bite the finger that help u… a true sincere friendship….

  5. Trusting China is blessing as you knew what trusting the West did to Africa. China and Africa will remain forever friends no matter what trick the usa and the west play to disrupt this strong friendship.

  6. This is the true. The IMF give loans but they don't teach them the way to make money to pay back loans. This is why the western debt trap is so much worse. And this is why Europeans and westerners still own large portion of resources and land in Africa. Yet Africa is still largely undeveloped after 150 plus years of western colonization. Since it has no economic development, Africa can pay back the loans plus interests by giving up their resources and land.

    Only because of China belt and road, G7 (the richest nations) decided it is time they need to talk about helping the poor countries build infrastructures. Yes talk about without any actual plan since they don't have excessive construction capacity at a reasonable cost so their plan will be more expensive and eventually may not last. China has shown they can build infrastructures on time and within budget.

  7. American uropean country luted and slabs African people hundred and hundreds years now they said they gave loans Africa they develop Africa its big joke they waching China halping Africa making More friend's

  8. Good opportunities for developing countries to catch up when the developed snd arrogant western countries stopping Huawei 5G systems. A blessing in disguise for many African and other developing who are going to deploy China's 5G standard and systems.

  9. Looks like China is debt trapping itself into controlling another 3rd world country. China will own the ports and infrastructure of Malawi and maybe eventually it's resources.

  10. Listen to there President said "China give us fish and give us tools how to fish". 1st world should learn from China, the meaning of sincere helping other countries, amazing African countries see the real sincerelity of China help.

  11. Great President who know who his and what Malawian need to develop their country. All Africa countries choose the friend who will develop our continent. Not those who battle and hates others even will block us to develop our own industries. Big up Malawi 👍👍

  12. Africa the Chinese are telling you that you can be as develop as China, but you have to make the move, stop depending on the west because you are not going to get from them, only you can do it for yourself.

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