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  1. Continuing American freedom is going back to the basics and getting the basics straight. You hear over and over that we're Judeo-Christian but is that consistent? The nation of Israel is Judeo and has a Judeo heritage. Israel definitely is not Christian. So what makes America Judeo-Christian? Are we founded on a heritage that both embraces Christ as saviour and rejects Christ as saviour? What percentage of Americans practice Judaism? It's explicitly Christian teaching, tradition, precepts that made us free. Judaism opposes Christianity fundamentally.

  2. I recently started watching Petel Thiel and I have to say his talking points are on the spot. I feel the exact same way. There is less room for individuality and if you have opinions that does not fit within the political agenda then you are to be looked at like some kind of outcast. I think we need more well spoken people to stand up for what is right.

  3. Thiel is not a contrarian he's a walking talking contradiction. Is it just me who finds a lot of this as ironically hypocritical? I mean to start a gay conservative Christian? give me a break. He doesn't even acknowledge himself as apart of the elite and yet talks about all of "deep state" elites who control the mob, when in reality it sounds like he is catering to another mobs ideology. I am shocked that Karp tolerates him and would love to hear more about their relationship as well as Thiel's current involvement into Palantir

  4. I'm 62, and when I got out of university in the 80s, we were said to be the first generation that would not do better than our parents. Of course, it is really hard to measure, because the benefits of any generation are usually in different things. So real estate and cities were much more livable back then, education was cheaper. But today there is at least the promise of better medical outcomes, even if most doctors seem to have gone over to the dark side. But by simple economic measure, if you came out in the 80s you were down about 15% in income, and those low starting numbers tend to dog you the rest of your life.

    But then something I don't like happened, they came up with an equal pay for jobs of equal value thing, and I got bumped up, even though I was a man.

    In general though. I don't think my parents getting bombed by the nazis and working 16 hour days almost till they died at 93 was really all that much of a better life than we had, though the future looks bleak. I think a lot of this first generation not to do better stuff is just young people who look at people who have worked for 40 years and thinking that while at say 30, they are only 5 years in, they should be retiring.

  5. Words point to things, so how can you speak of being “good” or being “broken” without pointing to those particular things.

    Who is good? Who is bad? Who decides?

    Who is broken? Who is integrated? Who decides?

    This talk beats around the bush but does not complete any of the points it is approaching.

  6. It is hard to reconcile holding Christian values while so heavily invested/involved with enabling/facilitating US defense (offense) infrastructure & dangerous technologies (Clearview AI etc)… not to mention his strong held belief that "monopoly is the goal of all business"…

  7. How cute 😍 that the billionaire, board member of Facebook is lamenting elitism and misinformation . The best thing about Peter Thiel is he sounds so logical and reasonable while contradicting himself non-stop. He claims that science can only exist between the limits of of dogma and extreme skepticism, then he immediately goes extreme skeptic on vaccines. Maybe he is just being a skeptic or maybe he has real skin in the game and actually refused to vaccinate.

  8. While most Billionaire entrepreneurs (Larry, Mark etc) choose stay out of public debate, Peter, Elon et el continue to champion it

  9. Wow! What a great interview. Well done by s professional interviewer.
    Bam- This hit me in the solar plexus. Theil us modern day Trifecta of Seneca, Leibniz, and Goethe.

  10. What dumb fool decided to name their kid Bambi? Every time someone names a kid after a cartoon character, the state should confiscate the child and raise it in an orphanage.

  11. This is just weird…is there something that makes Mr. Thiel an authority on Religion and Culture that would make us interested in his opinion in these areas? What am I missing here? Sound was terrible and hard to hear this video well.

  12. An awakening of the grasssroots is what we need but we first must get rid of the TECHNOcommunism that is to come. We are so advanced that we are so detached from the soul of man. Morality is destroyed and people are EMPTY while having everything.

  13. She really missed the point with the "I disagree with Peter and think woke is anti-christian" thing. Peter said it is Christian heresy, he should have then asked her if she thought Aryans were anti-christian, or if Augustine thought Manichaeists, or Pelagians were anti Christian. Of course they were, they were Christian heresies, and also anti-christian.

  14. Really didn't love the interviewer. I feel like the woke stuff has gotten overcovered and it would have been interesting to hear Peter talk more about other topics.

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